Rendering / Solid Plastering

Professional internal & external rendering & sold plastering

External & internal rendering areas of your house gives people a first impression of the quality and the value of the home.

A quality external coating, such as an acrylic texture or sand finish, can give your home the desired effect and character.

At Allfresco, we pride ourselves on the service and quality of the products we can provide and the attention to detail on the finish to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the look of your home.


If you are planning a renovation? External rendering is a fantastic way to bring new life into an old home.

Here are some of the many types of external coatings available.

Texture Coatings

Texture coatings have really grown in popularity. Texture coatings are an acrylic coating which can have a variety of different finishes and a wide spectrum of colours. With this particular coating the colour is part of the last coat, and does not require being painted afterwards.

Texture coating involves rendering the external walls with a cement float coat. Then a primer coat is applied once the float coat has cured. The final coat is the actual acrylic coat with the colour which is your final product.

Sand finish

Sand finish is a cement based product which is usually painted afterwards. It provides a uniform coating to the walls with a sandy grit look to it which makes a beautiful change from face brick or bricks which have been mixed for a renovation.

Sand finish is cheaper from a plastering point of view initially, but painting expenses must come into the equation to derive the true final cost.

Limestone Render

Limestone Render is exactly what its name states. We use crème cement render and limestone aggregate to produce an imitation limestone which can be used on feature walls, the whole external of a home, or even around fireplaces or porticos.

Bag finishes

Bag finishes are not the most popular product, but a cheap alternative for external rendering none the less. A Bag finish is basically a very tight coat of render pushed onto the existing walls which are finished with a quick application of a brush, broom, bag etc depending on the finish required.

Sometimes depending on the bricks it is possible to see the outline of the brick joints due to the plaster coat being applied quite thin. A bag finish is sometimes used on renovations, garages, garden walls, wood fired pizza ovens and on the odd occasion internal walls of the home.

For the very best in internal & external rendering & solid plastering, contact Allfresco today.